Nghiên cứu xây dựng công thức bào chế nanoemulgel curcumin

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Vũ Thị Thu Giang*, Nguyễn Thu Hương

Trường Đại học Dược Hà Nội

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            Curcumin, a natural compound extracted from Curcuma longa L., has been proved to have beneficial effects such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and inhibition of tumorigenesis. However, the clinical efficacy of curcumin is limited due to poor water solubility. Nanoemulgel with uniform and extremely small droplet size in the range of 20-200 nm could provide advantages in enhancement of solubility, permeability of the active ingredients possesses the same characteristics as curcumin. Thus, in this study, nanoemulgel containing curcumin was formulated base on the investigation the effect of the ratio of surfactants, co-surfactants, oil, Carbopol 934 and other excipients. The obtained results indicated that the physicochemical characteristics of nanoemulgel curcumin was affected by the ratio of each ingredient in the formula. And the prepared nanoemulgel had average diameter of droplets were less than 50 nm and the particle size distributions (PDI) was less than 0.3.

Từ khóa: Bào chế, nanoemulgel, curcumin, kích thước giọt, PDI, giải phóng hoạt chất.

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